Build self-love and devotion at Seeking Indigo's Mala making workshop

The Rudraksha

Build self-love and devotion as you engage in an ancient tradition, weaving 108 native Rudraksha seeds with semi-precious stones into your own traditional mala.

Meditation is a powerful and challenging practice whose physical and spiritual benefits are innumerable. It helps to concentrate the mind and cultivate a true sense of inner peace and stillness. But – easier said than done!

Quieting the mind calls for strong patience and concentration, which is easily hindered by environmental distractions. Our mind runs wild and our thoughts, worries and anxieties get the best of us. We lose our sense of self amidst the chaos of every day. Hence the mala.

The mala is an ancient rosary; Eastern prayer beads used in meditation practice to help quiet the mind. Next weekend, we invite you to engage in an ancient Tibetan tradition: build self-devotion while learning to string your own mala.  When the mala beads pass through your fingers, they generate a beautiful rhythm with the breath and your mantra of choice, anchoring your mind and body in stillness – even amidst the city sounds.

The mala makes for a meaningful gift, for yourself or another, that will forever evoke the great importance of a peaceful mind and a relaxed body.

Join Tej Thompson at Seeking Indigo this Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m. to string your own and infuse it with your personal intention. Space is limited to 10 people; call (843)725-0217 to reserve your spot today.

Cost per person is $35 in advance, $45 the day of.