Come together to reveal the history of Charleston's parks

Image by Flickr user ChicagoEye Image by 20090216-park.jpg Come, share your imagery and stories -- so we can all see and know Charleston's parks.

The Charleston Parks Conservancy is looking to document the history of Charleston's parks, but to do it right, they need your help. Namely they want you to come share your "old photos, videos, stories and comments about our parks."

"We want to start a repository of everything there is to know about Charleston parks and we want it to be a collaborative effort by everyone who lives in this city," says Jim Martin, executive director of the Conservancy. "We thought this event would help jump-start the process and make it easier for those a little less tech-savvy to still share their old photos and amazing memories of our parks with the rest of us."

The collected information will be added to the "Park Wikis".

The meeting is Saturday, February 22, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the John Rutledge House Inn at 116 Broad Street in downtown Charleston.

You can learn more about the event over on the group's Web site.

Pretty cool, I love to see community efforts to document themselves get off the ground.