Rebekah Jacob Gallery hosting first Hussey charcoal exhibition

Known for his collaged and multi-media works on paper based purely on imagination, this is Tim Hussey’s first exhibition devoted exclusively to charcoal drawings is opening June 17th at the Rebekah Jacob Gallery.

Hussey's works articulate the female form and explore the precarious and current states of the human body. Working from live models, Hussey layers mediums to abstract anatomical details and convey expressive movements.

Depicting twisting females bodies through frenetic line quality, the drawings convey immediacy rather than static compositions or iconic references. Rendered in his typical style of gestural lines and unexpected drips and smudges, selected drawings leave the viewer fixated on the subject matter and absorbed in the process.

The artist and some of the models will be on hand at the opening reception from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The Rebakah Jacob Gallery is located at 169 King Street.