Through Their Eyes: An Art Show Featuring Young African Artist Griffin Hazo

Invest in Children Africa (IiCA) and Fresh Brewed Coffee House present "Through Their Eyes", an art show featuring original work from young African artist Griffin Hazo.

The event starts at 7:30 p.m. this Thursday, September 27, 2012 at Fresh Brewed Coffee House. 

Griffin Hazo began drawing at age 7, and he enjoys creating art about his life in Africa, primarily using acrylics and colored pencils. He also enjoys sharing his love of art by teaching the children in his village. Each time IiCA goes to Gulu, Griffin is eager to share the 362 accomplishments and improvements of the children with whom he works. IiCA believes Griffin will make a great art teacher, given the proper education. With no formal training, this talented self-taught young artist wants to study at the Michelangelo School of Arts in Kampala, Uganda, but he lacks the necessary funds to help him achieve this goal.

Plan to attend Through Their Eyes this Thursday night and enjoy a 363 special performance by the Invest in Children’s Stomp Team as they pound out rhythms on 55-gallon drums and other non-traditional instruments. There is no charge for admission, and all the proceeds from the sales of Griffin Hazo’s work go towards raising funds for his school fees as well as raising scholarship funds for other children living in his village.

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