The story of the growth of Charleston's gRAWnola (updated x2: free cooking class in one week)

Update September 21:

The Post and Courier reports that Ken Immer will be holding a free cooking class 6 to 7 p.m. on September 28th at the Whole Foods in Mount Pleasant.

Learn how to cook up some tasty health food then stick around for a Q&A session.

Update August 26:

Charlie Magazine has done their own profile on the man behind gRAWnola, Ken Immer, in which he speaks out about the life changes he's made that lead him to a healthier, holistic lifestyle and the idea behind his granola line that is taking the South by storm.

Read on.

First reporting:

The Charleston Regional Business Journal has a nice profile on the Ken Immer, creator of the gRAWnola line of, well, granola that appears poised to make the jump from a local brand to a regional success; take a read here.