Charleston's Sermet's restaurant opens spot on Daniel Island (update: review)

Image by Flickr user Graduated Learning

Update February 10, review: Well, it took six months, but finally someone got around to reviewing Sermet's Courtyard.

Deidre Schipani made it out for Charleston Scene and has a generally good review and offers primer for anyone thinking of trying out the spot; take a read here.

Update December 18, no more lunch: In what at the very least isn't a good sign, the recently opened second location of Sermet's has stopped lunch service and now does daily dinner and Sunday brunch. 

Given that bit of mixed news and that we never gave them a proper shout out on opening, here's some more linkage on them: Their menu offers a range of Mediterranean themed salads, sandwiches, burgers, and pasta and other entree plates like a stuffed-grilled eggplant, spice encrusted duck breast, and a chorizo sausage plate that reminds of a downtown offering. Prices range from $10-20. 

They're at 115 River Landing Drive.

First reporting August 26: After 15 years at a downtown spot on King Street, Sermet Aslan is finally expanding and going 50/50 on a new spot on Daniel Island: Sermet's Courtyard.

Head over to The Daniel Island News for the scoop.

They're hoping to have it open by October 10, 2010 at 115 River Landing Drive.