Giddy Goat Cheese ceases operations; bid them farewell this Saturday

Image by Giddy Goat Cheese

It is with a heavy heart that pass along the word that this Saturday, July 30th, will be the last day to grab products from the gals of Giddy Goat Cheese at the Charleston Farmers Market.

Come say goodbye this Saturday in Marion Square and grab the last of the Giddy products, relics, and some smiles and thank you's from the Giddy folks. Below is a post from their blog concerning the farewell:

We are sad to announce that Giddy Goat will cease operations as of July 30, 2011. Since we started Organic Process in 2005 we have followed our instincts and drives — trying to create things people will value. But a major part of insuring the Organic Process continues is to look soberly at the reality of our situation and determine the most practical and inspired path forward. Sometimes things work; but they don’t work as a business. Giddy Goat is an example of that.

Over the past 4 years we have had incredible support and love from the Charleston community. We made great products, stayed creative and fun in how we approached the business and have built some fantastic relationships. But with the growth of a local food operation comes more work, more stress, and the need for larger and larger investments. What we have learned is that making and selling local artisan cheese is too big to be a hobby and too small to be a business. The list of challenges faced by small food producers is too long to detail here — but they are some of the bravest and hardest working people on the planet. Feeling like a colleague to such people has been an honor.

Organic Process will find its voice in a post-Giddy world, but right now we are sad at the disappointment we are bringing to the relationships we have formed with employees, farmers and customers. We are convinced that Giddy Goat did make the world a better place and that it will be a bit sadder (for awhile) for being gone.

We will be at the Charleston Farmers Market through July 30th and will be fulfilling orders to restaurants and stores through the 22nd of July. Please come see us and say goodbye.

Giddy Up! Mitchell, Farrah and Everyone at Giddy Goat