World Trade Center Charleston kicks off membership drive with reception

World Trade Center Charleston is officially kicking off its membership drive with a reception, Tuesday, September 27th, at the World Trade Center Charleston headquarters - 4500 Leeds Avenue - from 6 to 8 p.m.

World Trade Center Charleston is a member of the World Trade Center Association, a recognizable symbol of focused economic strength in world commerce.  Anchored by the unique combination of a World Trade Center with the dynamic offerings of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, WTCC will be a bustling hub of import and export activity for the region through programs and services designed to enhance international trade opportunities in the region.

The  WTCC will accomplish:

  • Raising the international profile of our region
  • Creating a gateway to the world
  • Providing on-site opportunities for meetings and trade
  • Increasing regional business knowledge of import/export techniques
  • Increasing regional awareness of global issues
  • Increasing competitiveness of regional businesses

The public is encouraged to attend the reception to learn more about WTCC and the opportunities available through membership. “This is an exciting time to be part of WTCC as we develop programs and expand the reach of companies within the region,” said Pennie Bingham, Executive Director, WTCC. “WTCC will be a one-stop trade information hub where a company interested in international trade is offered the full range of services such as, WTCA online, trade education and group trade missions.”

There is no cost to attend the reception. For more information or to register contact Mary Dickerson at