Charleston Grill aims to settle the score on beer vs. wine

Image by Flickr user allieatfood

If for no other night of the year, beer becomes serious business on November 7th at Charleston Grill.

Seven courses of food from Chef Michelle Weaver in this venue is reason enough to salivate, but each course will be paired with BOTH a beer (by Team CBX) AND a wine (by acclaimed house sommelier Rick Rubel). Each of the 14 pairings is said to be "serious stuff" by the CBXers, so...yeah. You, the diner, will choose the ultimate winner.

The pairings are yet to be announced, but here's the food so far:

  • Reception: Oysters on the Half Shell, Fritto Misto with Sweet & Sour Caramello Sauce, Iberian Ham & Manchego Cheese, Smoked Chicken Thighs & Alabama White Sauce
  • I: Scottish Prawns
  • II: South Indian Curry
  • III: Venison Tenderloin
  • IV: Foie Gras, Huckleberries, Sweet Potato Puree
  • V: Butterscotch Farro Pudding
  • VI: Milk Chocolate Ganache, Candied Pecans

This format may be best known to some of you as presented by Garrett Oliver in the movie Beer Wars (though that scene was cheese-specific). Regardless, it's not to be missed. $90 + tax & tip. Call the number below to reserve your place in local gastronomic/oenologic/zymologic history.