Obligatory post about the "Myrtle Manor" premiere this weekend

If you live under a rock in the Myrtle Beach area you may have not heard about the new TLC show, "Welcome to Myrtle Manor" debuting this Sunday, March 3rd at 10:00pm.

We covered the lead up pretty extensively with these two posts, "Reality show featuring mobile home park residents being filmed in Myrtle Beach" and "Welcome to Myrtle Manor" described as "docu-soap"-all fake, of course". Locally, folks have been talking about it non-stop, even the parents at my son's bus stop gabbed about it for a good 5 minutes (most agreeing that they won't be watching, but think it's funny and sad and of course brining up Honey Boo Boo). 

Below we've round up some of the write-ups that have flooded all of our Facebook and Twitter feeds in the past 24hrs.

We at TheDigitel will be watching, so we'll reserve all the snark for Monday morning...