Brian Bustos explores relationships, loss and rebirth in 'Delirious Quips'

Image by Brian Bustos

This Thursday at 7 p.m., Eye Level Art invites all inside of their doors at 103 Spring Street to experience new works from Brian Bustos at the opening of his "Delirious Quips" exhibition.

Below is a description of Bustos' inspriation behind "Delirious Quips":

Brian Bustos' new work shows a departure from narrative and character driven themes. The recent work will deal with the ideas of human relationships, loss and rebirth. As all people eventually lose someone that they are close to and then have to rebuild. These paintings and drawings deal in hope and fear interconnected.

There will be some installation work that will probably destroy itself by the end of the show. Not "destroy," but completely change throughout the hours of the opening.

In addition to the art, a friend of Bustos, Chris Thomas, will be playing light background music live thru out the evening.