Celebrate the next wave of social media during Foursquare Day (p.s. win an iPod)

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Fan of the location-based social media service Foursquare? Or don't know what the heck a "four square" is? Well then you might be the ideal candidate to come out to Foursquare Day today, April 16.

(Get it? April 16 = 4/16, and 4 squared = 16. Clever.)

A local gathering will be held as part of a worldwide event that aims to celebrate and promote the service that allows users to check in at businesses, restaurants, and other attractions. 

Basically, this is a social mingle that will give you a chance to learn who is using the service in town and learn how you can draw more business  and exposure to your business by offering small giveaways to your most loyal customers.

Speaking of giveaways, there will be a giveaway to the person who checks in the most today.

The event will be held at the Charleston Digital Corridor's Flagship space at 475 East Bay Street, from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Here's all the gory details from an e-mailed release:

Locals Celebrate First Global Social Media Holiday at Foursquare Day "Square Up" 

CHARLESTON, S.C. -  Locals will celebrate Foursquare Day, a national initiative to promote the use of Foursquare, at a "square up" at the Charleston Digital Corridor's Flagship space, 475 East Bay St., from 5:30-7:30 p.m. today, April 16.

Staff of Step Ahead Inc., a Charleston-based marketing firm that specializes in using social media for business, will be helping users get signed up for Foursquare and entering attendees into a drawing for an iPod Touch based on how many places they've "checked in" to using Foursquare today.

Foursquare is a popular new social media tool that lets users "check in" at different locations to win points and see where their friends are. Users who frequent a particular spot more than anyone else in a particular week become the mayor, and users also have the opportunity to earn fun "badges" for various activities.

Other activities at the Square Up include fun awards for the person who "checks in" at the most spots, is the mayor of the most coffee shops, "checks in" the most late at night, etc., as well as giveaways, food and drinks and networking. 

Foursquare Day (4/16), so chosen because 4 squared = 16, is a national initiative to promote the use of Foursquare, and participants will be able to earn a special Foursquare "badge" for their participation. Step Ahead is also encouraging local businesses to offer a Foursquare Day special to Foursquare users. For more information about the free event, visit www.stepaheadinc.com or call (843) 606-0226.

About Step Ahead Inc.
Step Ahead, Inc. is a Charleston, S.C.-based company that combines the best of traditional public relations with social media and Internet marketing to help maximize visibility for clients both online and off. The company's clients include Spirit Telecom of Columbia, Myrtle Beach National resorts, Charming Inns of Charleston, Charleston Parks Conservancy, Golf Island of Hilton Head, Sunset Rentals of Hilton Head, SpiritLine Cruises and others. The company has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur magazine, as well as on MSNBC.com and SmartMoney.com. Visit www.stepaheadinc.com or call (843) 606-0226 for more information. 


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