Charlotte’s Web: The production

It’s a play adapted from the renowned children’s book written by E.B White. As a vision of director Marbeth Clark, the production of Charlotte’s Web will present the beloved story of Wilbur, Templeton, Fern and the rest of the farm gang.

If you're somehow unfamiliar with the premise, here's what they say:
A wonderful story to share with children and grandchildren, alike. Charlotte’s Web tells the story of a remarkable pig named Wilbur who is befriended by an enchanting spider named Charlotte. Together, with their friends from the barnyard, they hatch a grand plan to persuade Farmer Zuckerman from turning Wilbur into bacon. Along the way the great lessons of friendship unfold in every scene.

Bring your children, friends and family to see this production. It will play at the Charleston Stage at the Memminger Auditorium at 56 Beaufain Street in downtown Charleston on most nights from January 16-25.

You can purchase tickets online or by calling (843) 577-7183. Adult tickets are $19, $15 for students.