Contrasting Duality: The collaborative work of Matthew Foreman and Nate Phelps

The newest installment of the rapidly growing Eye Ball Art show’s presents the latest of a series of collaborative and personal works of Redux resident artist and designer Nate Phelps and Matthew Foreman.

Initially the two met in 2007 and became friends while working together on a few public murals. It wasn’t until September 2009 that they decided to combine their two contrasting styles on the canvas.

Their first duo show "Common Sins," hosted by FR3SH, was the perfect window for them to start blending their opposing forms of art. Phelps work features the use of overlapping geometrical shapes and muted colors cut by hard black lines and drips while Foreman’s mixes the uses of stencils, oil pastel acrylic and collage to create his large scale multi-layered portraits.

With "Contrasting Duality", Foreman and Phelps aim to deck out the space at Jimbo’s Rock Lounge with an array of paintings highlighting the progression that their work has taken since they began collaborating. The event begins Thursday, March 3rd at 8 p.m. and will feature a musical performance by Chris Thomas including the cinematic accompaniments of Matthew Foreman.

Jimbo's Rock Lounge is located at 1662 Savannah Highway in West Ashley.