Dance drama balletic interpretation of the 'Great Gatsby'

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I can't say it any better: "Set to the sweeping musical landscape of the great George Gershwin and other famed composers and song-writers of the Roaring 20s, Jill Eathorne Bahr's true dance drama balletic interpretation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby returns to the CBT stage Friday October 10th."

Opening-night attendees will also get a chance to go to an all-white "Prohibition Era extravaganza."

Charleston Ballet continues:
The Great Gatsby, the classic American novel, has permanently entrenched itself in our nation’s history and mythology. With her signature original choreography, Eathorne-Bahr tells the tale of the self-made millionaire Jay Gatsby, embodied on stage in form of CBT Ballet Master Stephen Gabriel. The ballet, featuring narrative passages directly from the novel, takes the audience down the spiraling path of Gatsby, who to many embodies the American dream and all that comes with it, from greed and ambition to obsession and desire. Eathorne Bahr says the epic story about the rise and fall of the self-made millionaire and his love for socialite Daisy Buchanan, played by Jessica Roan in the ballet, touched a nerve in the American psyche. It is a story arch that remains as relevant today as it did when it made its debut over 85 years ago.

CBT's The Great Gatsby has become a much celebrated production in the cherished annals of great ballet performance throughout the company's 20 plus years as a professional company. The gin-soaked, Jazz Age sweeping epic has become a sort of cautionary tale on the dangers of excess and the quest of the elusive American Dream. Eathorne-Bahr takes all of these themes and elements and transforms them into a larger than life and grand ballet production full of great music, elaborate choreography and pristine entertainment matching the breadth and grandeur of the novel from which it is based.

In celebration of the opening night of The Great Gatsby, Upper King Street business Nancy Koltes at Home (438 King Street) will play host to The White Party, an exclusive Prohibition Era extravaganza, minus all the liquor laws! Guests, who are asked to dress in white, will experience an array of white wines, white cocktails, white foods and memorable tunes of the flapper era along with other activities. The White Party is the precursor to the opening night of CBT’s celebrated ballet The Great Gatsby and attendance is open to ticket holder’s for that evening's performance only.

The Charleston Ballet is putting the show on the weekend of October 10. Check out their site for the specific times.

It's at the Black Box Theatre at 477 King Street downtown.

Buy tickets online for around $30.