Ear Pwr bringing its curious, fun electroclash music to Recovery Room

Image by Ear PwrImage by 20090824-ear-pwr.jpg

I love some electronic sampling. I love it to the point where I listen to Bodenstandig 2000 -- pioners of the computer folk music movement. Fortunately for you Ear Pwr is much more palatable.

In fact the electronic-oriented party happy music is quite good. And perhaps more importantly they seem to have a great sensor of humor about what they're doing.

In a recent review, Brian Howe said in Pitchfork about the Baltimore band: 

You get the impression you aren't really supposed to pay attention to the lyrics. But where Deacon infuses his day-glo riots with brainy intent, EAR PWR recycle the worst tendencies of electroclash: the lackluster rapping and willful inanity. It's frustrating because there's ample evidence that EAR PWR aren't compensating for being shitty at music, they're just dumbing down.

Lucky for Charleston they're coming through town on tour on Tuesday, August 25, and are playing with Columbia's Toro Y Moi. The show starts at 8 p.m. at The Recovery Room and our tipster says it's free.

The Recovery Room is at 685 King Street in downtown Charleston. (843) 727-0999.