Finders, sharers: Art from the recycled at the Found Show

If you've like art and have got a penchant for putting things to second use, come on out to the opening of 'The Found Show' at Urban Outfitters tonight, May 16, at 6 p.m.

The artwork on show is composed of "found objects incorporated into art or inspired by found objects."

Here's more details about what to expect from an e-mailed statement: "Finding something that makes you happy, finding love, finding something that you lost. Featuring artists, Leo Hansberry, Erin Eckman, Justin Camer, Christine Rodino, Tim Showers, Matt Forman, ABDUL, PROTON, Phillip Hyman, students from Cane Bay High School and others."

Urban Outfitters is at 371 King Street in downtown Charleston.