Helado Negro playing Redux on Monday; It's a real treat

Image by 20090907-aweowe.jpg

Tonight, September 7, Charleston's getting a real music treat when Helado Negro will play his latest album "Awe Owe" at Redux at 8 p.m.

Pitchfork recently reviewed that latest collection (giving it a 6.5) saying, in part:

But like a pointillist painting, the individual songs seem fuzzy and indistinct until you look at the album as a whole, and only then do they sharpen into view. Opener "Venceremos" (translation: "we will triumph") gives the album a whimsical start, with a plucky xylophone run that's reminiscent of Stephen Malkmus' "Phantasies". The track then finds its groove with trotting percussion that sounds like horse hooves against cobblestone streets and an acoustic strum so breezy that you can practically smell the saltwater in the air.

You can read the whole review over here. Also, Preview has a nice primer on Roberto Carlos Lange and where he's coming from.

Oh, and the music is mostly sung in Spanish. 

Redux is at 136 Saint Philip Street in downtown Charleston. No charge was indicated.

Sorry for the short notice, but we just spotted this one. If you've missed it, you can score the latest album on eMusic.