Monster Music hosting local music, CD sale extravaganza

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Monster Music is presenting an all-day sale, celebration, and showcase of local bands featuring the roster of Awendaw Green artists on Saturday, September 5.

By joining forces, Monster and Awendaw Green hope to extend a farther and wider reach to fans and provide an opportunity and a forum for people to get together, enjoy local music, enjoy an independent record store, and experience what a local music scene is all about.

Here are the details on the sales:

This event coincides with indie record stores’ Vinyl Saturday, which at Monster has turned into an all day vinyl celebration and sale. There will be new vinyl releases available only at select independent record stores, namely:

- Avett Brothers 7” of “Slight Figure of Speech” / “More of You”

- Big Star 7” of “Feel” (alternate mix) / “Mod Lang” (unreleased remix)

- Mars Volta “Octahedron” LP

- RX Bandits “Mandala” LP

As with all Vinyl Saturday releases, these are limited in quantity, and we’ll see how long they last!

Monster will have a 20% off sale on all other new vinyl and 40% off used vinyl! We’ll also have our sidewalk sale, with $0.25 records, $1.00 CD’s, and whatever else we can find. Weather permitting, this will also mark the return of the Grill, and we’ll be serving up free burgers and dogs! Inside the store, we’ll also be featuring big sales on new and used CD’s & DVD’s, t-shirts, posters, and all sorts of accessories, memorabilia, and ephemera!

And here is the lineup of bands set to perform:

- 2:00 Danielle Howle

- 2:45 Norwood

- 3:30 Doug Walters

- 4:15 Travis Allison (CD RELEASE!)

- 5:00 Corey Webb

- 6:00 Whisperjets (CD RELEASE!)

Monster Music is located at 946 Orleans Road in West Ashley.