Park Circle play fest runs for three saturdays

Making Park Circle a bit more culturally savvy is the first annual Greater Park Circle Play Festival. It runs the next three Saturdays.

Added to the festivities are an assortment of other activities throughout the area including: poetry readings, play slams, themed-menus at restaurants, typewriter plays, and pre/post progressive dining.

Here's the scheduled plays:
September 13, 7 p.m.
“PlanetFall” -- author: Nick Smith, Charleston, SC; Director: Nick Smith; Actors: JC Conway, Jelega Zerega, Bill Davis, Mark Gorman
A tender story of inter-planetary love in the 21st Century. She’s Russian, he’s American. Do they have a chance?

“Spin Alley” -- author: Chad Baker, (age 19) Beavercreek, Ohio; Director: JC Conway; Actors: Andrea McGinn; Bill Davis, Joseph Baldino, JC Conway, Joey Greene, Pam Hays
“After an assassination attempt on the two leading presidential candidates, hilarity ensues as they are hidden in a safe room while things are secured. Enter a wildcard third party candidate, blackmail, nosy reporters, and there is more damage control than any press secretary could possibly handle.”

September 20, 7 p.m.
“Sans Merci” -- author: Johnna Adams, NYC; Director: Joseph Baldino
Two college girls, on a mission to help a Colombian Indian tribe fight for their rights against a Multi-national Oil Company are raped and one is killed. This powerful play is based on a true story.

September 27, 7 p.m.
“Red Cross” -- author: Alex Nunnelly, (age 16) St. Petersburg, FL; Director: Jim Patterson
A Red Cross volunteer searches an evacuated valley before it is flooded. He finds the lone holdout: a woman who refuses to leave her home and family’s history. Will he be able to save her? Or will she end up saving him?

"Cha, Cha, Cha" -- author: Garth Wingfield; Director: Jim Patterson
Two people, Sheila and Henry, who had known each other 20 years earlier in high school, connect at their reunion. "They discover that even if they can't share love, there's plenty they can teach the other about how to accept and live life."

Performances are at South of Broadway Theatre Co. Studios, at 1080 East Montague.

You can buy tickets online. Get one ticket good for all three days for $18, or buy just one day for $7.50. Hop over to My Park Circle for lots more details.

Thanks to the Charleston City Paper for tipping us off.