Poetry could come to SC ETV's airwaves, and they're filming the pilot in Charleston

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Update August 30: Just received word that the TV producer is pursuing S.C. ETV over the idea, and not the other way around.

First reporting:

Poets in Charleston could soon get a real boost.

See, S.C. ETV is considering doing a monthly program on poets in South Carolina, and they're filming the pilot in North Charleston today, August 29, at 6 p.m.

Here's details from an e-mailed release:

SCETV has reached out to a local television producer about putting together a poetry show for the station. The producer, Julian Gooding, contacted some poets in the city about making it happen.

If SCETV picks it up, then we are possibly looking at a monthly show on the station that would be broadcast state-wide.

The show will consist of performances + interviews (documentary style). We are going to film the pilot from 6-9 p.m. on Saturday, August 29 at Riverfront Park in North Charleston, 1001 Everglades Ave. (on the former Charleston naval base, near where kulture klash is held).

We need an audience for the performance part. There will be food, alcohol and merchandise.

And good poetry, of course. It's free.

This could be a big break for a lot of poets and it would further cement Charleston as an art hub for the South.

We're giving you all too short notice on this one, but we'll be sure to do better when the pilot air date comes around.