Sado-Laughasicism: 50 Shades of Improv

Flickr User: Todd Mecklem

There is no denying the "50 Shades of Grey" phenomenon, women are either loving the book or saying it's terribly written.  

One local business is planning on cashing in on the success and showing the funny of the wildly popular 'mommy porn.' Carolina Improv Company will be hosting a special improv show this Friday, August 24, 2012. The show, titled 50 Shades of Improv will create a show, on the fly, based on on passages and ideas from the book. 

via Facebook:

You've either read or heard about it - watch us attempt our own satire of it, which may have NOTHING to do with the book! There's a lot of sex and the "F" word in this book and you just never know what ideas we will get from a few paragraphs.

Due to the naughty nature of this S&M tale, the improv show is 18 and up. The show will feature Carolina Improv's Bobbei-Dean Seay, Petra Sander, Frank Glidden, Kevin Cox, and Gina Trimarco Cligrow.

50 Shades of Improv starts at 9 p.m. and is $10 or for only $4.00 more you can enjoy both the 50 Shades and their 8 p.m. 'Whose Night Out Is It Anyway' show.

Grab your tickets online here and make sure to like Carolina Improv on Facebook