The Seafarer play performed by Pure Theatre

Image by Pure TheatreImage by 20080816seafarer.jpg The play involves lots of imbibing. Lots.

Update September 17: An e-mail from PURE Theater highlights two snippets from The Post and Courier and Charleston City Paper:
“PURE Theatre's cast turns in a winning performance with increasingly steady craftsmanship, as McPherson's nuanced and complex tale unfolds.” CHARLESTON CITY PAPER

“Stay rooted in your chair at Circular Congregational Church for a couple of twisted, haunting hours.″ POST AND COURIER

Update September 12: The Charleston City Paper has a mini-review of the play up, and says, in essence, the play is quite good, but PURE Theater usually does better.

Original post: Alcohol and the soul are intertwined in The Seafarer, a play by Conor McPherson, will be put on locally by Pure Theatre from September 4 to September 27 extended to October 4, 2008 because of Hanna.

The New York Times did a write-up of the play performed by a different cast, and rather liked it:

Do you know how you behave when you’re drunk, I mean, really drunk? If the answer is yes, then you’ve never been that drunk, since the curse and kindness of vast quantities of alcohol is that they obliterate self-awareness.

This physiological fact of life makes the gorgeous, vitally intelligent performances in “The Seafarer,” the new play by Conor McPherson that opened last night at the Booth Theater, all the more remarkable. Everyone in this dark and enthralling Christmas fable of despair and redemption descends at some point to oceanic depths of drunkenness, including a sinister fellow who is, shall we say, not of this world.

Tickets can be bought online and are $30. (Pay-what-you-can days are September 4 and 24.) The performances are at the Circular Congregational Church (map). Performances are at 7:30 p.m.