S.O.S! Spring Safari 2012 in North Myrtle Beach this week

Flickr user zetgem
Even hipsters are shagging ironically now. Note, this is not the average age on main Street North Myrtle Beach this week

Shaggers have invaded North Myrtle Beach! For the past 18 years fans of the Shag dance have swarmed North Myrtle Beach each spring. 

The signs of Shaggers in North Myrtle are slowly popping up as the week-long event rolls on, older people, nice cars, funny outfits and traffic. From April 20th until April 29th, Main Street NMB will be a shaggers paradise, drive slow as they shuffle across the street high on life and discounted alcohol.

via North Myrtle Beach Online:

The event provides an early kick off for the summer tourist season and injection of much needed cash.  Ron Whisenant, SOS President, said, “Coastal Carolina University did an impact study for us in 2007 that showed SOS brought in over $7.5 Million to the area over the ten day period.” 

There is a parade for the Spring Safari this Saturday, April 28th that will close Main Street from noon until 4:00 p.m. 

If you're just dying to check out some of this weeks events, hop on over to ShagDance.com* for a full list of all scheduled events at several locations along Main Street. 

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