Five Guys opening on King Street on Monday

Image by Flickr user Lodigs Image by 20090822-fiveguys.jpg Five Guys makes one heck of a tasty meat patty on a bun.

At long last, it's happening: Five Guys' extraordinary ordinary burgers are hitting King Street. 

They're opening their doors to no orchestrated fanfare on Monday, August 24th, at 11 a.m. at 364 King Street in downtown Charleston.

Why all the fuss about something that just barely escapes being called a fast food joint? Well, as OregonLive put it in their review: "They carry a beefy flavor, retaining their juiciness, and instead of the molecularly identical burgers of the fast-food outlets, these flaunt a handmade individuality."

Another Five Guys location is to open in North Charleston near the outlet mall in November or December, an act that would bring the total count of Five Guys in the Charleston-metro area to four.