Diana Ross event in Charleston brings high-priced club into headlines

Image by Harry Wad

Word about the Charlotte-based Music With Friends club is getting out thanks to their bringing a high-priced Diana Ross show to Charleston's Dock Street Theatre

Tickets for new club members will cost an effective $2,000 — $500 for a member and $1,500 for admission to the year's few shows.

But this may not be a bad price to get to see stars like Ross, Jackson Browne, and Steely Dan in small environments that seat just a few hundred. Not a bad price if your bank account can afford it, that is.

For more on the local stir, head over to The Post and Courier. Those that want tickets can head here. Oh, and drop me a note and I'll give you my address to send me a bag of cash, too. 

The performance is March 7.