Fight Night 2 Video Game Tournament on October 15th

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East Coast Xtreme Gaming (ECXG) is proud to announce that on Saturday October 15th we will be hosting Fight Night 2 Gaming Tournament featuring Street Fighter IV AE, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Mortal Kombat in a double elimination bracket-style tournament.

The games that everyone will be competing in are three of the hottest fighting games on the market today and will bring a crowd of many to compete for the top prizes. This tournament will be streamed live via

The tournament marks the second, of many to come, Fight Night Tournaments as ECXG has big plans for the future of competitive video gaming in Horry County.  Future tournaments will engage not only the fighting game community but also the first shooter and sports communities.

Fight Night 2 will be held at Apocalypse Comics located at 710 Hwy 17 South in North Myrtle Beach next to Big Lots and behind the Denny's Diner. Doors will open up at 5:00 p.m. and the tournament should be on it's way by 5:30pm. We encourage all levels of gamers to come out and play.

The tournament will be double elimination, best-of-three format. The championship game of each title will be best-of-five matches. ECXG uses the Microsoft Xbox 360 platform connected to Asus VH236 23" lagless monitors.  Wired controllers will be available for competitors to use for free however you are encouraged to bring your own wired controller or joystick box that is USB compatible with the 360.  Wireless controllers are banned.

Starting with Fight Night 3, there will be a charge to use the house controllers so start looking to purchase one of your own for that future date. ECXG has eight complete stations set up for this tournament so it should move pretty quickly and provide fun and entertainment for all attending.

If you're interested in entering the tournament, click here.  We look forward to having you come and play! 

For more information email us from our Contact Page or directly at Find us on Facebook at East Coast Xtreme Gaming or follow us on Twitter @ecxgaming.  

Please support us at ECXG and get the word out. We are looking to start a growing community here on the East Coast and in South Carolina. Help us plan by RSVPing and posting on this thread or our Facebook page. LETS DO THIS!