Over 350 zombies invaded downtown Charleston! (update: photos and event totals)

Image by Flickr user wvs

Update October 26:

If you noticed zombies roaming the street of Charleston on Sunday, you weren't going crazy.

The Charleston Zombie Walk was a great success, with over 350 zombies attending the gathering. Here's more on the turnout from the Charleston Zombie Walk Facebook page:

So our estimate was about 350 zombies. We raised $3,000 and more is still coming in! Thank yall so much for coming out and donating. The city police officers at the event were surprised at how well it was organized and how behaved the zombies were, so they are putting in a good word with the Chief of Police and Dept of Rec. Which means another walk next year!

Sadly, I was too spent after a night of Skinful Halloween to partake in the zombie shuffle, but luckily there are a bunch of great photos of the ghastly group cruising down King Street on the Facebook page; check 'em out.

First reporting:

Zombies regularly invade cities all over the world, well at least people dressed like and acting like zombies. And, that plague is coming to Charleston on Sunday, October 24.

So put on your aggggh face, a bit of fake blood, and some tattered clothes and head down to Marion Square at 5 p.m. for a walk down King Street and back up Meeting Street.

There will be an after party and donations will go to MUSC.

Head on over to the Facebook page to learn more, and get practicing your lunging and groaning. 

Braaaaaaaains. Braaaaains!!!