Charleston RiverDogs hosting 1K (yes, 1K) Beer Run

Image by Flickr user evilgeniusthethird Image by 20090424-run-1k.jpg 1Ks: They're usually for kids, but not for you my beer-loving friend.

The Charleston RiverDogs are hosting a 1K Beer Run on Thursday, May 7. -- Yeah 1K: 0.62 miles.

It's the largest 1K in Charleston and perfect for the not-so-serious runner.  Here's what they have to say about the event: "Do you like beer?  Do you like to run (when it's less than a mile ... and only when there's beer involved)?  Do you like midgets that fight each other?  Then the RiverDogs 1K Beer Run is one of those things that would make you feel awful if you missed out on it."

Twenty bucks gets you entry into the race, beer, dinner, tickets to that night's game, a pre-game awards ceremony, and post game midget wrestling. There will also be an after party at Brick downtown.

The only requirement is you must be 21 by May 7th to attend. You can check out the official race Web site for more info and to register for the race.

The run's at 5:30 p.m. and the game at 7.