Register for Charleston's 2008 Fall Adult Sports

Image by Flickr user bk1bennettImage by 20080816kickball.jpg Ah, kickball. It's just one of many league sports you can join.

If you want to get out and enjoy some friendly fall sports, the City of Charleston's adult soccer, flag football, softball, and ultimate frisbee leagues are worth checking out.

You can either get enough people together to make a team or join as a "free agent." Expect to pay about $20-30 per team member, plus a small deposit. Either way, it's a lot cheaper than the gym.

Registration is running now through mid- to late-August. If you miss the deadline, it probably couldn't hurt to call and see if they can't squeeze you in.

Get all the details over on the city's site. But, if their Web site gets busted here's their number 769-8243.

If you didn't see anything that interests you, also check out the Charleston City Paper's recreation section of their community billboard.