Come shiver at ICE to support CofC Radio

Image by 20081110-cofc-ice.jpg

This Thursday, November 14, the students from the College of Charleston's student radio station are throwing a party at the Music Farm -- but it's an event for which the college has just pulled their support.

So there's two opportunities here: One to help organize the ICE party and support CofC Radio, and another to party hard for just $3.

In addition to the capoeira and belly dancers, there's no shortage of musical attractions to hail you: In Endeavors, N4RED, Hollywood and Troy, and DJ Sonar of the Spaced Invaders.

The event commences at 10 p.m., and the price for admissions is $5, or just $3 for all of you legal drinkers (over 21). If you are interested in contributing to ICE, sponsorships start at $25. All of the net profit from the event will benefit the radio station for much needed studio renovations.

And, if you're startled that you've never hear the radio station on your radio, it's because they aren't. They're online-only. Read all about why. Or skip the history lesson and just go listen.