The Elephorse is coming to town

Image by Flickr user VTDarkStar

Keller Williams will be playing the Music Farm this coming Friday; April 9th — do not miss this.

With songs like Bob Rules (the vivid dream of being a contestant on The Price Is Right game show and only to be woken up by the hotel maid service) Gate Crashers Suck (an elicit account of the emotions felt towards the non-ticket holders who decided to crash the gates and ruin the Deer Creek, Indiana shows of The Grateful Dead in 1995;) Dear Emily, Blazebago, Keep It Simple, Kidney In A Cooler, Love Handles, Alligator Alley, Boob Job, Shapes of M&M’s, Novelty Song and Freaker By The Speaker; Keller Williams is one of the most state-of-the-art, inspirational and brilliant musicians whom consistently reveals his power to those who seek guidance and relation.

Keller Williams however, does not consider himself this way. His dedicated fan base, especially those who have seen him play live and the 20+ times (myself), will unanimously agree that he is one of the purest musicians of my generation - exhibiting organic, methodical, and free-spirited music we can all relate to, laugh to and feel to.

Called the mad-scientist and master of the acoustic guitar (; Relix Magazine), Keller describes his music as solo, acoustic jazzfunk reggae techno-grass - or simply, solo acoustic dance music.

Having listened to Keller’s progress for the past decade, his new album ODD, the 14th album release of his 15 year career, at first seems not what you would expect for the prolific artist, but only makes sense through listening. Initially the album lacked what others had such as Laugh - a very humorous album, Dance - a remix album, Loop - a non-stop song after song album; but ODD is exactly what it is - nothing too extremely out there and un-related to previous Keller albums, but teaches and allows fans to embrace his all too self-defined genre of music.

My favorite track from ODD, Day at the Office, is a well written masterpiece that correlates reactive emotions to the realization that maybe, it’s just one of those days. While incorporating a rare be-bop style/ragtime sound of piano, Keller’s lyrics about life’s complications make you simultaneously smile and laugh at the lyrics, but also relate to his emotions. Showing how and why we should accept things for what they are and not worry about all the small things, Keller, once again, proves his ability to sing his heart, mind and soul through his music and leave the listener only wanting more.

Elephorse, another favorite from ODD, describes what I know I have always wondered about: the cross between an elephant and a horse. The well written lyrics in front of a ripping harmonic, flat picking embedded chord progression makes you want to get up and dance. Plus the hinted reference comparing Sarah Palin to Satin is priceless.

Having seen Keller play with members of The String Cheese Incident, Yonder Mountain String Band and Bela Fleck and The Flecktones; nothing encompasses the sight of seeing him walk on stage and do it all by himself. Have you ever seen one man play 15+ instruments looped into one concise, free flowing, expression of art? It has and always will, take my breath away. Just remember, he may fool you but always...“Focus on the bass." (Novelty Song)

The show is going down on April 9th at The Music Farm located at 32 Ann Street. Tickets are $17 and are on sale now. Doors open at 8 p.m.