HeadStache: Come get you dose of live electronic trance music

Image by 20090727-headstache.jpg

I admit it, I have a weak spot for rhythmical goodness in electronica. 

I'm delighted to see improvisational, instrumental, all live electronic performers HeadStache coming through Charleston to play at the Pour House on Tuesday, July 28.

The show is at 10 p.m. and tickets are $8 and can be bought in advance online. HeadStache will be performing with Charleston's Pericles.

Here's a bit about them, from their MySpace page:

Formed in the Winter of '09, Headstache is improvisational, instrumental, all live electronic music geared towards inciting riots on the dancefloor and engaging the listeners' Mind's Ear. While gaining momentum as a premier live dance band in their home state of Kentucky, Headstache is eagerly beginning to spread their infectious Dubstep/Trip Hop/Trance/DnB/House grooves to audiences across the Eastern US.

And, yes, I realize my weak spot puts me few and far between. 

The Pour House is at 1977 Maybank Highway on James Island.