Lipizzaner Stallions at the North Charleston Coliseum

The "world famous" Lipizzaner Stallions are coming to the North Charleston Coliseum on January 23rd.

Now on their 40th anniversary tour, the show features all new music, choreography and routines. In addition to the to incredible showmanship, there will be a major emphasis on the historical background and foundation of the Lipizzaner breed, from its original breeding and use as a horse of war to a horse of nobility and aristocracy to a living form of equestrian art. The show emulates the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria, in its presentation of Lipizzans, and maintains a traditional as well as entertaining performance similar in many ways to what you would see at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna.

Also included in the performance is a segment called the "Airs Above the Ground." These are the spectacular leaps and maneuvers, once used by riders in saddle to protect and defend themselves on the battlefield, which are now preserved as an equestrian work of art. When you see the Lipizzans perform, it is like stepping back four hundred years and viewing one of the greatest equine ballets in history.

Tickets are on sale now for both the 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. performances on January 23rd.