Local bloggers holding third annual Blognic

Image by ImablogImage by 20081108-blognic.jpg You'd hardly even know it's a blogger meet up, it's almost like they're normal people ... oh, wait, they are.

Like to blog or Twitter? Live in Charleston? Like meeting other people that do similar things? -- Well the Lowcountry Bloggers are holding their third annual Blognic. (It's like a picnic, but combined with the word ... well, you get it).

They're holding it at the lovely Wannamaker County Park in North Charleston and are doing it pot-luck style. It's being held Sunday, October 9, at 2 p.m. and family members are welcome.

So get out there, enjoy the lovely weather and meet some of your virtual and physical neighbors.

Admission to the park is $1.

And, get to know them online at the local blogger hub: LowcountryBloggers.com.