Local rock band Electric Wildlife announces CD release party you don't want to miss

Image by Big Hit & the Baby Kit The boys rockin' out at a Big Hit & the Baby Kit show.

Electric Wildlife is going to be hosting a huge CD release party of their upcoming americana/rock style EP entitled 'Falling Backwards Into the Beginning.'

A six song powerhouse of rock mixed with southern style flavor recorded at Charleston Sound, the EP is highly anticipated by followers of the Charleston based band. The party goes down March 13th at 10 p.m. inside Charleston Beer Works on King Street.

The band is known for it's spectacular performances and for always having a few surprises at their shows. You may have heard of Big Hit & the Baby Kit, comprised of Michael Legere and Andrew Shaw; Electric Wildlife is comprised of the same two guys with additional musicians and much more power. 

Legere plays acoustic guitar and adds the lyrical aspect while Shaw plays a custom made shockingly miniature drum kit and the vocal
onslaught is distributed evenly between the two. The initial
reaction upon witnessing their show is generally one of surprise as to
how they create such a thick and full sound rivaling many four piece

Catch Electric Wildlife live on Lowcountry Live March 12th on ABC at 10 a.m. to see a glimpse of what is to come the following night.

To get a limited time sneak preview of the entire EP, log on to the bands homepage.