A summer camp for a 'Circus of the Kids'

Helping turn children into circus performers in less than a week, Circus of the Kids, a traveling circus education program that is celebrating its 30th anniversary summer, is partnering with the Charleston JCC’s Camp Baker.

In addition to teaching children the acrobatic skills, they teach children the life skills of self-reliance and esteem building, campers will learn the intricacies of juggling, clowning, tumbling, and even trapeze acts.

Through grants each summer, Camp Baker opens its doors to children from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Charleston and gives them a session of summer camp at no cost. This year, we are thrilled to be adding Circus of the Kids to the children as well.

Camp Baker and the Charleston JCC invite everyone to come and enjoy one of our three circus performances, all of which are open to the community.

The campers will showcase all of their newfound talents in three performances on June 28th at 7 pm, June 29th at 10:30 am, or June 29th at 2 pm, at the Charleston JCC, located at 1645 Raoul Wallenberg Blvd., Charleston, SC 29407. More information on Circus of the Kidsand Camp Baker can be found at www.circusofthekids.com or www.charlestonjcc.org.

Tickets can be purchased in advance for $9 or at the door for $12.

“You will be entertained. You will not believe your eyes,” said Circus Of The Kids founder, Bruce Pfeffer. “People who come to see this show for the first time, walk through the door thinking to themselves, ‘Ok, a circus performance starring children as young as six with less than one week of practice. What can they possibly do? This can’t be much.’ But when the community sees what the campers have accomplished, in addition to the level of confidence they exhibit and the sense of satisfaction on their faces, the audience will be shocked.”

For its 65th summer, Camp Baker has expanded it’s reach and programming to reach new heights. Circus of the Kids at Camp Baker is sure to astound. Contact Information: Tamar Sternfeld, Program Director
 Charleston JCC 1645 Wallenberg Blvd., Charleston, SC 29407 843-614-6486 www.charlestonjcc.org