White Boy Crazy with Melted Men

Image by last.fmImage by 20080607meltedmed.jpg The Melted Men are one of the most absurd acts to come out of Athens, Ga.

White Boy Crazy and Melted Men to perform at the Tin Roof ($5)

Description of Melted Men from Last.fm:
The Melted Men emerged from depths of styrofoam and circus peanuts in 1995. The Melted Men present an absurd display of ridiculous behavior and deteriorated sound. This simple and chaotic approach has stunned, confused, pleased, and satisfied audiences of all types. Several live shows have resulted in an unexplained phenomena of audience members uncontrollably coughing to a disco beat while crab-walking with the nearest garbage can.

Charleston City Paper pegs White Boy Crazy as a "weird honkey-bonk/rap-punk ensemble."

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