Help local six-year-old get a much needed service dog (Update: Kate's getting her dog)

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To support six-year-old Kate Hanchon, diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, HUG Charleston is hosting “Dog in a Day” - a one day, online event that seeks to raise up to 20,000 dollars for a Guardian Angel Services Dog (to be aptly named “Sprinkles”) intended to aid little Kate and her family.

Having Juvenile Onset, Kate has to have her blood sugar checked every few hours, and monitoring goes deep into the night, causing a strain on herself and her family members. With a specially trained Guardian Angel Services pup to continuously keep watch on young Kate, the family can be alerted much more effectively in cases of blood sugar spikes and other emergencies while also providing Kate with a new companion.

The donation site,, will be open for a full 24-hour period starting Saturday, February 11th, at midnight and close at midnight on Sunday, February 12th.

To celebrate the earnings, Mellow Mushroom downtown is hosting a finale party that'll kick off at 10 p.m. featuring drink specials and a charity pizza designed by Kate (with sprinkles, of course!). The grand total from the online donations will be announced at the stroke of midnight.

Update April 24: The Post and Courier reports some wonderful news today: Kate Hanchon and her family have raised the money to purchase an alert dog.

Through fundraisers and donation sites, the family has collected the $19,000 required to purchase and train the dog in less than 90 days.