Learn about the nuclear bomb that was dropped on S.C.

Image by Archive.orgImage by 20091115-bomb.jpg The news real from the incident.

Ever hear about when the Air Force accidentally dropped a nuclear bomb on the small town of Mars Bluff near Florence, South Carolina, in 1958?

Well, you've got a chance to learn all about in an upcoming S.C. ETV program:

Incident at Mars Bluff explores how the world’s most technologically advanced air power came to drop a three-ton nuclear device on a small town in South Carolina. The surviving members of the Gregg family (Gregg family home pictured after accident) reveal how the incident is still affecting them today.

You can learn more about the upcoming feature over here. The program airs November 19 at 9 p.m. on ETV. 

If you can't wait, check out this news clip from the day and this modern report on the incident.