RSVP for a free Chick-fil-A biscuit

Image by Flickr user Adam Kuban

Chick-fil-A is hoping to get a little more tongues used to their breakfast biscuit offerings and that's good news for you.

The fast-food chicken slinging business is giving away breakfast "entrées" from September 6 to 10 — but you'll only be able to get one free one, and you'll need to RSVP.

The RSVP is their method of crowd control and offering some assurances that each customer will only get one chicken biscuit, spicy chicken biscuit, sausage biscuit, chick-fil-a chick-n-minis, bacon egg & cheese biscuit, or multigrain oatmeal.

To claim your spot you'll need to register at and be sure to bring a print out to claim your freebee (do note there are a limited number of spots per hour, per establishment.)

Happy freebeeing.