L.I.M.E. presents: A Historical Perspective of Food in South Carolina

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L.I.M.E. (Local. Impromptu. Moveable. Evening.), an underground dining experience created by local chef Renata Dos Santos, is partnering with the Charging Charlie Alumni Association for a very special dinner on Saturday, June 11, to benefit several military-related charities.

The event will take place on Charleston Air Force Base, and the theme of the evening is a “Historical Perspective of Food in South Carolina.” The night will feature a cocktail reception and nine-course dinner prepared by nine local chefs. Each course will pay homage to cuisine from the various eras of Southern history.

The dinner starts at 5 p.m. with a cocktail reception at the AFB aerial park, located across from the runway, where guests may view C-17 planes land. Guests will be treated to signature cocktails and hors d’oeuvres prepared by Mix Charleston and Chef Travis James of Blu, served under tents surrounded by historic bomber and cargo planes. Following cocktail hour, guests will be treated to a nine-course dinner crafted by local chefs. Live entertainment will be provided throughout the evening by various local musical acts including a Gypsy Dance Troupe, Taiko Drummers, and jazz singer Ann Caldwell.

Without further adieu, the menu tease:

  • Cocktail Reception: Native American and Pre-Colonial Era - Chef Travis James, Blu; Chef Craig Deihl of Cypress
  • First Course: Colonial Era (1670 - 1776) - Chef Eric Gaffin, New Dream Catering
  • Second Course: American Revolution (1776 - 1785) - Chef Daniel Doyle, Poogan's Porch
  • Third Course: American Revolution (1776 - 1785) - Chef Jeremiah Bacon, OAK
  • Fourth Course: Antebellum Era (1785 – 1861) - Chef J.J. Kern, Hucks Lowcountry Table
  • Fifth Course: Civil War (1861- 1865) - Sous Chef Dan Killoran, 82 Queen
  • Intermezzo: Postbellum Era (1865 -1945) - Chef Cory Burke, Roti Rolls
  • Sixth Course: Contemporary Era (1945 - present) - Chef Ulfet Ralph, U R The Cook/Peninsula Grill
  • First Dessert: Contemporary Era (1945 – present) - Chef Kenneth Immer, gRAWnola
  • Second Dessert: The Future of Southern Cuisine (2012 +) - Chef Jon Cropf, Blu

Tickets are $75 and include all food, drink, tax, and gratuity. All tickets must be purchased by June 4th.

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