Rare Beer Tuesday comes to an End (figuratively)

Image by Flickr user Bernt Rostad

The Charleston Beer Exchange crew celebrates this week's Rare Beer Tuesday by throwing a one-off from Bear Republic Brewing, End '09 Porter, on the growler station at 5 p.m.

This one has an interesting story, brought to you via the CBX blog:

The name refers to a special project the brewery does at the end of each year where they brew up an extremely small, experimental batch based on whatever leftover specialty malts they need to use up before taking end of year ingredient inventory. This time around the beer is a porter with roasty, caramel, malt centric notes balanced by Nugget and Liberty hops. These beers are typically only seen at special Bear Republic events or at the Brewery in California. Don't miss the chance to try this one! It is quite well priced and won't last long!

End '09 is 5.9% ABV, doesn't have enough reviews to garner a Ratebeer score, and doesn't even exist on BeerAdvocate.  Sounds pretty freaking rare to me.

The Charleston Beer Exchange is headquartered at 14 Exchange Street downtown.


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