Rare Beer Tuesday gets the funk with Brett Beer

Image by Official label, via beerpulse

Tuesday at 5 p.m., anyone that wants, gives, or has to have the funk should venture over to Charleston Beer Exchange, where New Belgium/Lost Abbey Brett Beer (7.5% ABV, 7871) will hit the growler station for rare beer Tuesday.

In craft-beer-speak, the term "Brett" refers to Brettanomyces, a genus of yeast that can produce alcohol, but with distinct flavors and aroma characteristics compared the most common Saccharomyces brewers' yeasts. If you've heard of beer referred to as "funky" before, it's likely that Brett had something to do with it. It's more common in Belgian beers, though it's not a component in all of them. In the right hands, it can do some pretty wild things (pun intended).

The collaboration puts Brett squarely in the rightest of hands. New Belgium has long since proven their worth with the wild and funky styles in their Lips of Faith Series. The Lost Abbey, though not distributed in South Carolina, is known worldwide for their incredible SoCal-brewed, Belgian-style beers.

Charleston Beer Exchange gets up for the downstroke at 14 Exchange Street.

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