Rare Beer Tuesday keeps the Mojo Risin'

Image by Flick user bittermelon A man serves beer from a firkin. Different beer, same vessel.

While you would think they might skip Rare Beer Tuesday this week in favor of planning for Brewvival, the Charleston Beer Exchange boys simply cannot be stopped.  This Tuesday at 5pm, they'll crack a firkin of Boulder Brewing's Mojo Risin' Double IPA.

From the CBX blog:

We will be doing a real, cask ale for "Rare Beer Tuesday"! Many of you have been at some of our highly popular Saturday cask events. Since Brewvival is this Saturday, we decided not to wait on this very special cask (firkin) of Boulder Beer's Mojo Risin' Double IPA! This beer is cask conditioned and unfiltered. It will be tapped at 5pm for growler fills with a limit of one per person. There will only be a small number of growlers yielded from this cask and it will be first come-first serve, so come early! Real cask ale is highly perishable and unlike our regular growlers must be consumed the same day so please plan accordingly.

Mojo Risin' weighs in at 10% ABV, gets a B+ from BeerAdvocate, and a 91 from Ratebeer.  For those that haven't tried the beer, or tried cask ale before, this should be a real treat.  A cask (firkin) traditionally holds "real ale" or "cask ale," which is a version of a given brew that is naturally carbonated through secondary fermentation, or "conditioned," in the cask as opposed to being force-carbonated.  It's flippin' delicious, just drink it quick!

Charleston Beer Exchange can be found at 14 Exchange Street downtown. 

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