This week in rare beer at CBX: A sour for those that don't like sours and Baltic Porter De L'Ancrier

Image by Flickr user NorthwestBeerGuide

The Charleston Beer Exchange boys are bringing you two more powerhouse brews during their dueling 5 p.m. free-for-alls, Rare Beer Tuesday and Rare Bomber Thursday.

First up on the growler station Tuesday is Eric's Ale, a member of the Lips of Faith series from New Belgium Brewing out of Fort Collins, CO.  This beer is the result of combining an oak-aged sour with a fresh lager, and refermenting the concoction with peach juice.  It's billed by New Belgium as "A sour beer for those who don't like sour beers. And a fruit beer for those who don't like fruit beers."  7% ABV, A-, 98.

Rare Bomber Thursday will once again feature a beer from Quebec's Hopfenstark Brewery.  This time it's their Baltic Porter De L'Ancrier making its way into pre-filled bombers.  This brewery is still all new to me, so I'll take the CBX blog's word that "This stunning porter comes in at 8% ABV and is beautifully rich and roasty with hints of dark dried fruit and molasses."  It gets an A- from BeerAdvocate and an 88 from Ratebeer.

Charleston Beer Exchange rolls deep at 14 Exchange Street downtown.

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