Up your sushi game at 'Sushi 201' at Caviar & Bananas

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If you enjoyed their Sushi 101 class, or were just waiting for something a bit more challenging, Caviar & Bananas is back at it again, hosting "Sushi 201."

Here's details, from the Facebook event page:

Sushi 201 will be much more technical than 101…students will get more detailed instruction on some of the more advanced areas including:
- Brief Review of Sushi 101
- Learning to make nori-maki (rice on the inside)
- Layering of fish
- Exploring and comparing different ingredients
- Rolling demonstration (by Karen)
- One-on-one demonstration with each student
- Students Roll
- Tasting!

The class is Thursday, September 10, from 6 to 8 p.m.; $25, with room for 15. Caviar & Bananas is at 51 George Street in downtown Charleston. (843) 577-7757. info@caviarandbananas.com

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