Center for Birds of Prey to host International Vulture Awareness Day event

Image by Flickr user flamesworddragon

The Center for Birds of Prey is celebrating one of nature’s most amazing recyclers at International Vulture Awareness Day, Saturday, September 3rd.

Vultures are an often misunderstood group of birds that perform a crucial clean-up and recycling role in our environment. The Center for Birds of Prey is dedicating an entire day to these amazing but vulnerable species for International Vulture Awareness Day.

The special event, which will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., will feature a variety of vulture-centric programs and activities for all ages. Special programs include interactive “Scavengers and Thieves” walking tours, “Vulture of the World” showcase, vulture flying demonstrations, “Identifying SC’s Vultures in Flight” and visits to the “Vulture Restaurant.”

Admission is $12 for adults, and $10 for children ages 6-18. Children under 6 are free.

Tickets can be purchased online. For further information call (843) 971-7474 or visit