Come learn about local and global water issues as 'Expedition Blue Planet' makes a stop in Charleston

On Wednesday, September 8, the team from Blue Legacy will be coming through Charleston on a 45 foot biodiesel bus. Lead by Alexandra Cousteau, the granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau, they will present an "interactive event" at a "Water Village" to educate on what local nonprofits are doing to help the quality of our waterways.

The event is being put on with local partnership from Charleston Waterkeeper and the College of Charleston's Student Government Association.

The event is at the College of Charleston Campus on George Street between St. Phillips and Glebe streets and runs from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The full press release about it is below for the curious:

Expedition Blue Planet: North America Tour Makes a Stop in Charleston 

Alexandra Cousteau and National Geographic Partner with Charleston Waterkeeper® and Others to Host an Interactive Water Village 

September 7, 2010 - Charleston, SC: Local water watchdog, Charleston Waterkeeper, will soon partner with National Geographic Emerging Explorer Alexandra Cousteau and her Expedition Blue Planet Team, as part of their cross-continent tour to capture water issues on film. The pair, in conjunction with the College of Charleston and other locally participating groups, will host a Water Village at the CofC Campus on September 8th, 2010 from 11:00am - 2:30pm. Cousteau’s team, traveling across North America in a custom-made biodiesel production bus, will team up with Charleston Waterkeeper and other local non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting the waterways, in an effort to educate and learn from the public during this interactive event. The community will have the opportunity to meet Alexandra Cousteau and the Expedition Team, and learn more about local water issues affecting our community. The event, which will be held on George St. between St. Phillips and Glebe St., is free to the public and is an opportunity to learn more about the dedicated groups working locally and abroad to improve the health of our waterways.

Who: National Geographic Emerging Explorer Alexandra Cousteau, Expedition Blue Planet Team and Charleston Waterkeeper

What: Water Village

- An interactive event aimed to educate the public on what local non-profit organizations, including Charleston Waterkeeper, are doing here and abroad to improve the health of our waterways.

Meet and Greet with Alexandra Cousteau and the Expedition Blue Planet Team

Dedicated to capturing water issues on film, Cousteau and her team tour in a biodiesel bus converted to serve their needs for daily production and web broadcasting of films, photos and findings via


This 138-day historic tour pairs Cousteau’s family legacy of expeditionary filmmaking with social media and live events, in an effort to engage local communities on water crises across North America. Locally, it gives Charlestonians an opportunity to meet Costeau as well as learn more about pertinent issues affecting our local waterways and the organizations helping to protect them. Sponsored by Twitpay®, the leading innovator in payment technology for social media, event attendees will have a chance to make incremental donations to Charleston Waterkeeper, using Twitpay’s RT2Give system. "For more information and to follow Expedition Blue Planet 2010: North America, please visit

Charleston WATERKEEPER® is a citzen-based, environmental organization committed to defending local waterways against pollution, while protecting the public’s right to clean water. As part investigator, scientist, lawyer, educator and community organizer, Charleston WATERKEEPER® strives to improve the quality of Charleston’s waterways. Our waterways have been given to us in trust that we, the public, will watch over and protect these natural resources. As a member of the WATERKEEPER® Alliance, Charleston WATERKEEPER® is one of nearly 200 other  WATERKEEPER® programs around the world dedicated to clean water and strong communities. For more information and to get involved, please visit