So you want a festival? Here's a South Carolina rundown

Image by Flickr user *Kid*Doc*One* Image by 20090304-hot-air.jpg Anderson has a hot air balloon festival in September. -- That's a fun find thanks to the directory.

Sometimes you know exactly what festival you want. In which case you can just go Googling. But, sometimes you want to do a weekday road trip and don't know where you want to go.

If you're in the latter category, then you'll love SCIway's comprehensive listing of South Carolina's festivals.

Say you have next weekend free. What to do? Did you know the National Shag Dance Championships are going on? Well, you would if you followed these links.

Here's direct links to each month's directory:
- January
- February
- April
- May
- June
- July
- August
- September
- October
- November
- December
- And, finally, by location